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5G Real-World Hackathon: Driving Innovation in Leeds

Looking back at our recent Hackathon in November 2023, hosted at White Rose Park and powered by aql. Collaborating with a range of partners, including Munroe K, Fyma and Nexus Leeds, they lent industry insights, sensor data and IoT hardware, along with insightful talks on the practical application of IoT and the real-world impact of its advancement across various industries.

The event highlighted aql’s Core IoT platform and its impressive capabilities, providing the next generation with an opportunity to learn how our technology creates endless possibilities in the business world.

The main goal for the Hackathon was two-fold, allowing our exceptional partners to discuss emerging IoT and 5G connectivity, while also providing local partners, businesses, and students with a series of Hackathon challenges, leveraging the Core IoT platform.

Mark Mildren, Co-founder, Ingenuity Leeds:

“The Ingenuity team is proud to have partnered with aql, Fyma and Nexus on this dynamic one-day hackathon that delved into the realms of IoT and 5G. Witnessing the enthusiasm of the college students diving into challenges, collaborating, and ingeniously solving problems exemplifies the boundless potential of the next generation. The synergy between the team members from the business world and the students underscored the importance of nurturing talent, and fostering an environment where diverse minds converge to tackle real-world problems. The success of this event reinforces our commitment to cultivating the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs, who, armed with creativity and knowledge, are poised to shape the future of the world we live in.”

Andrew Morris, VP Product & Development, aql:

“It was a pleasure to host the event and celebrate the amazing work undertaken by our customers, and partners in the field of 5G and IoT Innovation. I was inspired by the energy, and passion shown by the students at Leeds City College.The students each worked through the complex set of IoT Hardware and Software Challenges and delivered some truly amazing achievements across the entire hackathon.”

Fyma is a strategic partner of Ingenuity and provides White Rose Park with AI-powered cameras which empower businesses to understand human activity in the physical world, providing occupancy, placemaking space utilisation data, and insights. Fyma provided a month’s set of AI camera readings from across the White Rose Park to aid students and partners in understanding occupancy, as well as people and vehicle flow across that period. 

Karen Burns, CEO, Fyma

“It was a pleasure to be a partner for the hackathon event. I really loved the participants’ enthusiasm and insight working with the data provided to them. Alongside us, a range of companies delivered insightful talks on their experiences with IoT technology and data visualisation, providing attendees with a deeper understanding of how this technology can be used.”

Leeds City Council was instrumental in walking attendees through their process of utilising LoRaWAN sensors and technology across the city, aiding in the reporting of street lighting, flood alerts, and air quality.

Leeds City Council provided a selection of indoor and outdoor sensor readings to the students to learn about their local environment and what factors can influence air quality.

James Glenton, IT Service Transition, Leeds City Council

“The Hackathon was a great opportunity to share the work that Leeds City Council is doing, and to meet new and existing contacts from the local area.It’s refreshing to get together in person and share ideas as so much work is done remotely these days.We were very impressed with the enthusiasm and skills of the young people that attended, and hope that they’re inspired to pursue a career in technology.”

From there, the Hackathon really got underway, whereby over 20 students and their tutors from Leeds City College took part.

The students were split into teams and given the chance to interact with aql’s mobile network and IoT technology through a wealth of IoT sensor readings. The teams took part in a variety of challenges, from reprogramming the IoT Edge gateways, adding sensors to the LoRaWAN network, and programming widgets to creating custom web parts.

Overall, the Hackathon event was a resounding success. It works to cement the group commitment to supporting the next generation of innovators across a wide range of industries, alongside emphasising our mission to contribute to the local economy and address city-wide challenges.

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