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White Rose Park 5G Real-World IoT Hackathon/Showcase - Powered by aql

White Rose Park and aql teamed up to create an IoT Hackathon/Showcase. Learn about IoT & smart cities with hands-on work and partner talks

Date and time: Thursday 23rd November 2023 | 10:00 - 16:00 GMT

Location: White Rose Park, Millshaw Park Lane, Leeds LS11 0DL

aql is one of the UK’s most innovative telecoms operators and a ‘hidden enabler’ of smart cities, enabling banking, healthcare, finance, logistics, education, and innovation. The past few years have seen aql launch several 5G and IoT testbeds including the Eden Project, Connected Cowes, and Mobile Access North Yorkshire*. In celebration of the launch of aql’s latest partnership with White Rose Park we will jointly be hosting an IoT** hackathon in collaboration with Fyma and Nexus. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in and learn about the real-world deployment and applications of 5G and IoT, leveraging aql’s mobile network and Core IoT platform, as well as Fyma's computer vision based movement data. As well as the opportunity to get your hands on live aql data, partners such as Ingenuity Leeds, AllIoT, Dales Land Net and Leeds City Council will be delivering talks on their experience with smart technology and IoT, providing a unique chance to see how IoT is used in the real world on a daily basis.

This event is an opportunity to learn about how aql enables smart city tech through the use of industrial IoT connected through aql’s mobile network via their public API***. You will have access to IoT device readings from over 1,000 live sensors that are deployed across a wealth of aql’s IoT testbeds, as well as computer vision based movement data from Fyma; allowing you to learn all about LoRaWAN**** networking, API web development, reporting and data visualisation.

What can you expect to learn from the event?

• How IoT works and how aql’s Core IoT platform enables smart city innovation

• Learn about aql’s IoT testbeds and how aql empowers 5G and IoT

• Enjoy talks on IoT, smart cities and more delivered by a range of industry experts

• How to create dashboards and reports and how to share these on social media through aql’s Core IoT platform

• Learn about web development and APIs

• Create your own web elements with thousands of sensors across multiple real-world locations

• Experiment with your own sensors at the event through the White Rose Park local LoRaWAN network powered by aql

• Learn about the benefits and use cases of the White Rose Park 5G real-world testbed

API keys with tech samples and notes on how to use aql’s Core IoT platform will be shared ahead of the event. An aql LoRaWAN network will also be available at the event so you can bring devices and experiment with this within the IoT testbed and across the White Rose Park.

* aql’s 5G connected test beds, more information can be found at

** IoT (Internet of Things) is a network of physical devices and appliances that are embedded with hardware and software that allows them to connect to and communicate over the internet. IoT-enabled devices can communicate and interact with each other, as well as providing data remotely for human interaction. This technology is used by a variety of sectors to gather vast quantities of data, automate processes, and improve efficiency.

*** APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, are tools that allow different software applications to communicate and interact. This allows developers to access functionality from external software without having to understand its internal coding. APIs enable the use of third party software and the integration of differing systems.

**** LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) is a kind of low power wide area network protocol that allows long range communication with minimal power usage. It has been designed for IoT devices that require long range/low power connectivity and is often used in fields such as agriculture, environmental monitoring, and smart cities.

API keys with tech samples and notes on how to use the IoT platform will be shared ahead of the event. A LoRaWAN network will also be available at the event so you can bring devices and experiment with this within the IoT testbed and across the site.

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